The Christian Life For Women

The Missing Letter
By Kimberly Sowell

My laptop is fully equipped with 25 letters of the alphabet. It's strange, I know. The “N" popped off, leaving only a silver electronic sensory chip where a very important letter used to be. When the letter first disappeared, I missed it every time my finger fell where the key used to be. I had taken the letter for granted, and was just beginning to appreciate what a valuable and oft used letter N really is, only after it was gone. Initially it seemed too much of a hassle to get the N key fixed, so I delayed, and finally after much awkward fumbling I adapted and learned how to hit the sensory chip just right in order to make a perfect N appear on my computer screen. I now do without what was once an important element of my keyboard.

Every Christian occasionally loses a letter N. Perhaps N stands for vision, or passion, or a hunger for righteousness. Maybe it's the loss of a courageous spirit, or a daily commitment to bend the knee in sweet prayer. Sometimes we can name the date and time when the N disappeared, like when we lost our zeal for God's people after a fellow church member inflicted a wound to our souls, or when we lost our boldness because an angry shouting woman at the airport took our loving gospel message of hope in Jesus and shoved it back in our faces.

For many of us, though, our N slowly slipped away, undetected in its going, until we suddenly realized it had disappeared. What should we do? We can do as I did, and learn to compensate. Of course my keyboard is in a weakened state because of the loss of the N, but my laziness and my belief that I was simply too busy to replace the N led to compensating, until finally I foolishly bought into the idea that doing it the hard way – the wrong way – is sufficient. Yet the N is still missing, and my typing suffers because of it.

What is missing in your spiritual life? Linger in prayer over the joys of following Christ, and seek God's revelation of anything now lacking in your heart. Will you continue to suffer without God's greatest benefits? Will you be content to compensate? It's true: spiritual renewal takes an investment of time on your part, and a willingness to be still and yielded as the Heavenly Father refines and restores you, but He can make you whole and complete once again. It is then you will find yourself soaring to new heights, with God writing rich stories on the pages of your life – one keystroke at a time.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 NKJV